Canceling an order
All orders placed on XBoost media are activated within minutes of receiving the order confirmation email. Immediate activation makes "order cancellation" impossible.
However in the case of multiple orders, it will be possible, upon timely communication, to interrupt the automatic procedure immediately after the activation of the first service in order of time.

EU Consumer Rights Directive (digital services)
Directive 2011/83 / EU on consumer rights, implemented in Italy by Legislative Decree no. 21 of 21 February 2014, establishes that the consumer has a period of fourteen days to withdraw from a distance contract or negotiated outside the commercial premises without having to provide any reason and without incurring costs other than additional costs, if a type of delivery other than that offered by the seller and those incurred for the return of the goods has been chosen.

The aforementioned legislation also extends the right of withdrawal to the purchase of digital content or of those purchases that are not provided on a material medium (such as e-books, online games and music files). However, in case of purchase of digital services, the consumer can withdraw from the contract on condition that the execution has not already started.
XBoost Media is obliged to clearly indicate that with the order confirmation and immediate execution of the digital service ordered, the consumer loses the right to exercise the withdrawal from the contract and obtain a refund.

XBoost Media offers immediate execution digital services.
It is possible to request a refund only in cases of lack of results. (E.g. views, I like it etc ...)

To request a refund, at least 96 hours must have elapsed since the order was placed (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) and it will be sufficient to send an email to with the order reference code and the reason for the refund request.
Our operators will process the request within 24 hours of receipt and in case of a positive outcome they will proceed with the refund. For the refund, the same current account (or email paypal) used during the purchase phase will be used and the re-credit times will vary according to the payment method used. Generally 3 to 7 days for credit cards and a few hours for Paypal.
In the event that the customer has received only in part what was ordered, he may request a refund for the part of missing interactions. XBoostmedia will calculate the amount and refund it using the same payment method used by the customer during the purchase phase.

Conditions for requesting a refund
To request a refund, one of the following cases must occur:

  1. No results within the times indicated in the confirmation email.
  2. Partial result within the times indicated in the confirmation email.

When it is NOT possible to request a refund
Refunds cannot be requested if:

  1. The link inserted in the order phase is not compatible with the ordered service and/or is in a different format from that required by the service.
  2. The order does not meet the minimum requirements required by the service (Eg For Youtube Subscribers it is necessary that there is at least 1 subscriber to the channel).
  3. The link indicated during the purchase is not reachable.

Full refund
It is possible to obtain a full refund only if, after 48 hours from the order, the customer has not received any interaction and has communicated it by email to within 14 days of the order.

Partial refund
In the case of partially delivered orders (e.g. the customer has 150 of 200 interactions ordered), it will be possible to obtain a partial refund, calculated in proportion to the interactions received.

Refund times
XBoost Media usually reimburses its customers in 12, 24 hours.