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Ordering on XBoostmedia is very simple! Before ordering, we advise you to carefully read the description and characteristics of the service.<br />Once you have chosen the service, select the number of interactions and indicate the link to your content (post, video, page etc ...). Add to cart and proceed with payment. You will receive an order confirmation email with activation times. The estimates of the activation times and the speed of the results are subject to variations according to the number of interactions purchased and / or the type of service chosen. By submitting a link in the wrong format, the activation time will be extended by 24 hours.

The Xboostmedia guarantee applies to almost all services and serves to guarantee results for the duration of 30 days. In the event of decreases occurring within 30 days, it will be sufficient to send an email to or contact us through the appropriate customer support section and at no additional cost we will take action to realign the results and achieve the objectives. In order to take advantage of the guarantee it is important not to purchase multiple services from different sites at the same time. If you purchase more services from different sites at the same time, the warranty will cease.

It is possible until the moment the service is activated. XBoost Media sends its customers an activation confirmation email. From that moment it is no longer possible to cancel the service.


As specified in the terms and conditions of XBoostMedia, all the services provided on XBoostMedia may, over time, suffer loss of interactions (likes, views, etc.) which usually amount to around 15/20% of the total. These are "physiological" losses that often concern connection problems, network overloads and unpredictable variables for XBoostMedia and all competitors. It is important to know that XBoostMedia, unlike others, offers its customers a "MONTHLY GUARANTEE".

Delivery times vary depending on the service and the amount of interactions purchased. Our data indicates 1 to 3 days for most services to complete. For all Youtube and Spotify services, it can take 7-8 days. When ordering, XBoostMedia checks the current profile, page, post or video numbers indicated and uses them as a reference to count the increments. The completion of the service is not linked in any way to activation and can take up to a week. The technical assistance service can only intervene after 96 hours from the moment of the order.
The estimated times are visible in the section: "Product details".

  • Gradual = 6-8 days
  • Normal = 3-4 days
  • Fast = 2 days
  • Very fast = 1 - 2 days

Note: Times are estimated and may vary.