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Buy Facebook Live Stream Video Views

With the facebook live video views package, you can increase the number of views of your Facebook Live videos.
A high number of views during live broadcasts helps you increase the credibility of your Facebook Live broadcasts. Buying views for your Facebook Live video is the best way to get a natural growth of viewers. Get more views for your Facebook Live quickly and securely with the services of Xboostmedia.

Service requirements*
  • Public account without privacy or country restrictions.
  • Enter your link in the required format.
  • Do not order more service at once for the same link.
  • Remember to start the live broadcast before the time indicated in the order. Otherwise you will lose your right to a refund.

The Facebook Live Views package is the fastest and easiest way to increase the popularity of your Facebook Live videos.
You should know that when a real user becomes your viewer for the first time, the only reference number they are shown is just the "number of viewers" of your live video.
Buy Views for your Live Videos if you want to stand out from the rest and wow your audience with successful influencer or brand numbers.
This service is useful for wowing your audience with big numbers and making your accounts seem popular and engaging.

Increase the number of viewers of your live videos on Facebook to improve the credibility of your streams.

How to Increase Facebook Live Views

The first thing you need to do is to improve the quality of your live videos by offering little-known news or information that can be useful to users such as tutorials.
It is important not to make live feeds shorter than 5 minutes and try never to exceed 20/30 minutes. Before starting the live broadcast it is always good to check the audio of the microphone and the lighting of the area to be framed.

Why Buy Views for Live Videos on Facebook

The number of viewers is displayed before the number of likes and it is a very important parameter to stimulate the audience to share the live broadcast and involve friends and acquaintances.
Usually having a high number of viewers influences the level of appreciation from the audience. And, with the right strategy, and the services of "views for live video" you can take advantage of the number of viewers purchased to impress your audience.

How to buy viewers for live video on Facebook

To purchase Facebook views, simply insert the video link on this page. Select from the drop-down menu how many views you want to receive and proceed to secure payment.
To buy views for live video on Facebook you simply enter the link of the video on this page. Select from the drop-down menu how many views you'd like to receive and set a start time.