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Youtube videos are the most powerful means of communication in the world. Music, news, gaming and entertainment use Youtube as the first large-scale communication tool and consequently, the number of views has now become, for everyone, the first parameter for evaluating the credibility and / or reliability of a video spread on the main social channels such as Youtube.

The Youtube Views package offered by Socialraise is the easiest and fastest way to increase the credibility of your videos with minimal effort.
Buy Youtube Views if you want to grab your audience's attention by showing numbers from a successful influencer or artist.
Get Real Views for your videos instantly.

Service requirements*
  • Public account without privacy or country restrictions.
  • Enter your link in the required format.
  • Do not order more service at once for the same link.
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We process your order within hours of receiving your order. Delivery times are directly proportional to the number of views purchased. 1,000 views take a few hours.

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In the event of a sudden decrease in the number of views, you can take advantage of the exclusive 1 month Xboost guarantee. It will be sufficient to send an email to the support service to get the immediate recovery of your views.

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If we fail to complete your order within the estimated delivery time, we will refund you every penny in less than 24 hours. Just send an email to support to get the refund.

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Our live assistance service is available every day of the year 24 hours a day. You can contact us at any time via the appropriate contact page or by writing directly to the email address. We are ready to help you at any time.

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You can pay with your credit card in total safety through the safest payment systems in the world. Payment is made via 3D Secure Code in a protected area. If you encounter problems during the payment, ask for assistance. Our staff is at your disposal.

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It is not necessary to register to make the payment. We never ask for your password or other private information. To complete the order, your video must be public, comply with Youtube regulations and have geographic restrictions configured.

Youtube views importance

The importance of the number of views on Youtube

The explanation is very simple to understand. The number of views is the first numerical parameter that is shown to us when we search for a video on Youtube.
Immediately under the title appears this number, often abbreviated, which allows us to make an initial evaluation of the video we have before us and which, in 90% of cases, is able to guide our choices.

The streaming platform itself ranks search results based on popularity which is the sum of numerical factors such as the number of views, comments, likes and subscriptions to the channel.

Why is it useful to buy Youtube views?

The main goal of the YouTube views service is to increase the credibility of a content through numbers and increase the chances of success.
Years of experience in social marketing have allowed us to study an effective service, suitable for everyone (companies, individuals, artists, etc.) and convenient.

Our Youtube views packages allow you to increase, in a short time, the number of views in order to target user preferences, improve the positioning of the video in search results and increase the chances of it becoming viral.

A good number of users buy this Youtube viewing service immediately after publication, with the aim of breaking the ice and not presenting themselves to the public with a low number of interactions.
Others prefer to use the number of views to impress the audience and stimulate them to interact and share content by triggering a natural growth process.

Youtube Real Views

Real and Targeted Youtube Views

On XBoost Media it is possible to buy real and geolocated Youtube views.
Real Italian, French, American, Spanish, German, Portuguese views and much more.

Activation times and delivery time

First of all, it is good to distinguish between activation times and times required to achieve the final result.
Activation times: The activation of the service depends exclusively on XBoost Media, and usually takes place within a few minutes from the time of the order.
Achievement of the final result: The time required to achieve the final result can vary from a few hours to a few days depending on the number of interactions purchased.

Origin of the views

The interactions come from groups of users registered with some of the most qualified digital communities around the world. Operation is very simple and transparent.
Once the order has been placed, one of our operators examines the video to verify that it does not violate the regulations of the reference platform and after having associated it with the appropriate category (music, entertainment, culture, etc.) starts a promotional campaign in the most suitable network to that particular content.
All interactions are real and guaranteed for 30 days.

Secure Payment 3DS

Does buying Youtube views improve ranking?

There are no reliable data regarding the positioning criteria within the platform but analyzing the data it is evident that there is a close correlation between the number of views and the positioning in the search results.

By doing a simple search within Youtube it is possible to notice that the videos positioned higher are always those that have received the most views. Consequently, if you want to rank high in the results you will need to increase the number of views. We recommend that you publish your videos on all streaming platforms and social networks to increase the chances of getting organic views. And if you prefer not to waste time, buy real viewing services and enjoy the show.

How does the guarantee work?

Unfortunately, digital marketing services are imperfect by nature and, in some cases, lost interactions can occur.
To overcome this problem and offer an increasingly advantageous service, XBoost Media offers its customers a 30-day guarantee on all services.
In case of loss of interactions it will be sufficient to contact support to request the restoration of the lost or missing views.

Secure payments by credit card

On you can buy in total security with all the credit cards of the main international circuits.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How important is it to have many Youtube views?

    Having a large number of views is important from many points of view. First of all, it is a value that intrigues people and stimulates them to view even if the video is not part of their favorite genre. It helps a lot in organic positioning within the platform.

    Because everyone knows that the number that determines the positioning of your video in the search results is determined by the number of views it has obtained. For others, the most important value is determined by monetization, but it is good to know that this type of service does not guarantee full viewing but reaches a maximum of 15-20 seconds watch time per user.

  • How long do I have to wait before receiving my views?

    Usually our operators process the order within a few hours of receipt. But the time to complete a service depends a lot on the number of views purchased. Our systems estimate an average time of about 2/4 hours for 1000 views, but for higher orders it may be necessary to impose a delay in delivery to ensure compliance with the platform regulations.

  • Is it safe to buy Youtube views?

    Buying youtube views is safe if you publish videos that comply with all the platform regulations. Our services are safe and guaranteed. All user activity within the site is protected by an SSL certificate.

  • How many views can I buy?

    There is no perfect number of views even if it is certainly always better to start with small numbers and then grow. Our advice is to plan a strategy that allows you to achieve the goal or objectives set, gradually but steadily.

    Going from very few views to thousands of views in a short time does not seem the best strategy because it could make the public suspicious, while making small purchases and providing for small pause periods allows you to reduce the problems related to decreases in views and to show the public a likely growth. It is important to start the strategy immediately after the video is published.

  • Can I buy Youtube views and subscriptions at the same time?

    Technically it is possible to order youtube views and subscriptions at the same time but it is not possible to start both services at the same time. In case of multiple orders, our operators will divide the order into many small orders which will activate one after the other.

    The delivery times of multiple orders respect the sum of the estimated times for each single service purchased.

  • Are these views monetizable?

    Our digital marketing services have an aesthetic / numerical function that serves to improve the credibility of the videos. The average watch time is 15-20 seconds but if you want a service with greater performance you can contact us by email and we will find the solution that best suits your needs, in the shortest possible time and at the best price on the market.

  • Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

    It is possible to obtain a refund only in the event that we were unable to complete your order. In case of partial completion it is possible to obtain a partial refund, while in case of total lack of views you can obtain a full refund. The times to obtain the refund are 24 hours max and it is sufficient to send an email to the assistance service.

  • Do the views come all together or gradually?

    Delivery times for views vary depending on the number of views ordered. Usually beyond 1,000 views there is an expansion of delivery times to ensure likely growth. Our services are fast but excessive speed is often not synonymous with quality.

    For this reason, depending on the service, we evaluate on a case by case basis whether it is necessary to correct the delivery times.